Little Crumbs

A Mothers Love is Pretty Blimmin’ Incredible….

Falling pregnant with my daughter we were elated. We felt so blessed and ridiculously fortunate to be able to expand our little family. But then for the weeks leading up to my due date as we mums like to do …I worried. I was anxious about the changes to our little dynamic. Our little team would change. Euan knew we were having a baby, But at 2 he couldn't comprehend what that would mean for him. For us.

I love our little boy with every inch of my being. He's my shadow. We've always done everything together, I'm fortunate to be at home with him all the time and have been there for every first, every milestone, When he 'd call me I'd be there in a flash. And now he'd have to share me, share us without a say, Is that fair?

I was so worried about how I'd cope with the 2 of them, What if I favoured 1 child over another, after all how can I possibly love them equally when I felt he already had all of me. How can you possibly love an extra little person without taking anything away from the other.

But you do. My Mum had reassured me having had 3 children herself. “You don't think you can, but you can, you're a Mum, you just do, and you will.”

And, as Mum's are. She was absolutely right.

Edie arrived and we were in total awe of her. As soon as she was home it was like she should have always been here. Our trio was now a perfect little team of 4.

And now 3 years on from becoming a mother I've mastered the art of extreme multi tasking, patience, cooking the perfect fish finger, how to get sudacrem out of a carpet, crayon off the wall….

More importantly I've learnt that just when you think you can't possibly love those gorgeous little people any more, they do something, however small that just blows you away, you feel that incredible all consuming surge of love. Nothing taken away from one of them for another. There just is enough. I've learnt as a mother you're body just gives and keeps giving everything you have and more.

In equal amounts.

However many.

Our little team of 4.


My little ones and me,

Happy Mothers Day.


You can find an excerpt of this post on Mumazine a fantastic magazine website full of interesting fun articles for you lovely mummy's to enjoy.



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