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Blow Wind Blow

Euan's quite fascinated by how things work, fascinated at how they're put together, he's just getting into Lego and enjoys it for that very reason. But he also has an artistic flair. I like us to do things together often that encourages less time playing angry birds and to go 'old school', back to basics. Quality quiet time.


When in a crafty shop in my village I stumbled across a little cute cart of Seedling products I got quite excited! I'd not seen it before and It's everything I'm a total sucker for, great packaging, ethos, encouraging creativity and imagination with fantastic ideas.



At just £6:00 I picked up a 'Make Your Own Windmill' kit to keep in my cupboard of bits and bobs for when I'd need to play a trump card with a bored boy on a rainy half term afternoon.

We couldn't wait that long….

Edie was napping, Mr G busy washing the cars we thought we'd make a windmill.



In the kit you have :-

  • 3 x plain windmill designs,
  • 1 x wooden handle,
  • 1 x large pin (this is pretty much a large nail so be careful with little ones, it does have a safety cap),
  • 1 x plastic cylinder to keep the windmill in place,
  • 1 x Set of easy to followInstructions,
  • 1 x set of colouring pencils (although little man had nabbed these away before I could take the picture)


We laid it all out and got ready to go, we opted for going mad with crayons and pencils, but paint, stickers, anything you fancy would work well, provided its not restrictive for the windmill to turn.

I admit I tried to encourage Euan to colour the pattern in the lines, but he's 3 and afterall it's his windmill. I had to step back and let him just go with it.

Once coloured on both sides, you cut along the dotted lines taking care not to go right to the middle. Then fold each of the points that already have a hole into the middle and you'll see the windmill taking form.

We followed the instructions to secure the windmill in place. And then blew as hard as we could! Euan LOVED watching the marks he'd made spinning around, calling out the colours and pointing out the different marks he'd made. Our dining table as you can see is a bit urrrm textured and so makes fab marks and crayon rubbings.



He was desperate to put it in the garden with the others, but I don't think the rain would do it any good. So it's staying in a pot in the play room for now. Perhaps ill look into laminating it or making it waterproof somehow. Comment or Tweet me @Cardies_Crumbs if you have any suggestions.


…when we got out of puff a helping hand to give it a spin worked just as well.




So impressed was I that popped open the ipad to find their website and learn more about them.

Founded only in 2006 by Phoebe Hayman, herself a mother of 2, based near Auckland, NZ as a way of creating crafty gift ideas for children. From selling her wares at a humble country christmas fayre Seedling is now a well loved brand in New Zealand and an up and is quickly receiving international recognition. Winning numerous awards for the creativity, quality and concept of the 250 products Seedling have created for all ages and abilities to encourage little ones imaginations.

On the home page products are categorised into the following:-

  • Thread
  • Artist
  • Experiment
  • Challenge
  • Imagine
  • Boutique
  • Papier
  • Explore
  • Designer
  • Treasures
  • Nature

As you go to shop online the products are categorised further into age suitability, price range and who their good for, i.e adventurers, artists etc. This makes looking for that special gift for yours or friends little ones, that bit easier, without having to trawl through pages and pages of products.

A few of my favourites ….

These cute Mini Mushroom pegs are only $4:99 (approx £2:50) a few sets of these would be perfect to hang pre school paintings up in the playroom, prints and photographs.
For those budding fashion designers, or if you like a bit of individuality in your little ones wardrobe, they can have fun making their own t shirt, I love this idea! $31:99 (approx £16:47)
We like a bit of David Attenborough in our household, so why not encourage the budding explorer in them to get outside and learn about what natures lies in their back garden, the woods, the park, at the beach. Priced at $44:99 (approx £23:16) Euan will love this and use it again and again…maybe one to do with Daddy though, creepy crawlies aren't my forte…. Ill bugsy the T Shirt Kit!
Great for learning the alphabet, phonics, colours and writing thank you notes, party invites and cards, or even use them to make your own wrapping paper these alphabet stamps are delightful. $19:99 (approx £10:29)


If you haven't already take a moment to look through their website

You can easily shop online, or contact them to find your local stockist.

Tweet me what Seedling goodies your making with your little people, @Cardies_Crumbs enjoy some quality time inspired by this lovely brand.


Please note that I did not receive any goods, nor was paid a fee for this review, all opinions are my own. NZD to GBP converted using Currency Web correct as of the date of this posting.




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