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Megson “When I Was A Lad”

I was recently offered the opportunity to have a listen to the latest project from Megson. A successful husband and wife duo that are now one of the most popular folk bands in the UK. I'm not ordinarily one to go for Folk music, but with more Folk coming through to the mainstream through the likes of Mumford and Sons and glowing reviews from The Guardian and The Daily Express I was excited to receive it.

Becoming a family in 2011 inspired them to create “When I Was A Lad”, a collection of both original and traditional folk songs, with lyrics and rhythms for the children to enjoy and stunning harmonies for us music loving parents to appreciate.


We're quite a noisy household, Sunday's TV is limited to a good family film after lunch. Opting instead for playlists on the iPod featuring anything from Etta James to Stereophonics so we have quite a range.

We don't own many children's music cd's, to be honest the constant “HAPPY,HAPPY,HAPPY” and general chirpy noise grates on me a little. This is where Megson have hit the nail on the head. Not an over enthusiastic shouty rendition of 'If you're happy and you know it' in sight. Instead you can enjoy 11 stunning tracks loaded with beautiful harmonies, witty lyrics, that will have your little ones clapping along and singing away to enjoying a calm soothing cuddle to snooze to.

The sleeve is beautifully designed, emulating the tone of the album perfectly, it made me realise I haven't had a physical CD for far too long, relying on downloads I miss the opening of a new CD looking through the sleeve and reading about the tracks. It makes you appreciate the work that's been involved in getting it to this point.



We are able to save CD's to a hard drive in the car, so we have it there, the CD is in the play room through the Wii, and I added it to our playlist, so it's everywhere where we might be.

Our favourite for a singalong in the car has to be 'Oats and Beans and Barley Grow', closey followed by 'All The Shops Have Fallen Down' and my personal favourite 'Baby In The Band' I love the lyrics.

If its just me and the baby we go straight for 'Jenny Jenkins'

The whole album is gorgeous from start to finish and flows beautifully to listen all the way through.

There is one that gets requested to be on repeat though and that features these guys….


Megson are currently touring some venues over the spring. Visit their website for more details on dates available for their appearences and family shows. They'll be in Tyneside for the 14th April, I'm hoping to be going along to see them on the 21st April at The Junction, Cambridge. If you're going along let me know and our little ones can bop away together!
This CD is only £10:00 available to buy through the Megson website.
I'd love to hear what you think, tweet me your little ones favourites or tag me on Instagram of them bopping away @Cardies_Crumbs
Please note I was sent the CD for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own.
Thank you.



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