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I’m so proud of you my little big man….

Yesterday we crossed the road, I extended my arm for little man to take my hand. A firm grip that filled my palm took me aback. We'd done the very same thing earlier that day several times and the day before.


Getting home safely through the school run lunacy, making sure Edie's bobble hat hadn't fallen over her eyes and keeping Euan out of any suspicious yellow snow on the grass verges had probably distracted me.


We got in the warm, he took off his boots, scarf, hat and duffle coat off, put everything away all by himself, No “help me mummy please” and off he trotted to his play room calling out to me how “some toast would be yummy thanks Mum”. Mum. Not Mummy. Mum. Ouch.


It's been a few weeks where Mum would creep into conversation, I'd correct him, “Sweetheart, I'm Mummy”.


“Sorry Mum.”




He's only 3 1/2, and we're so proud of the little boy he's growing into. A year ago it hit me how he wasn't a baby anymore and now he's whizzing through his toddler-ness.


When we decided I wouldn't return to work, and would stay at home I of course felt so, so fortunate to be able to make that choice. But also if I'm honest a bit overwhelmed that it was for the most part down to me. Mr G is a very hands on father, a fantastic man the most amazing father to our children. But for 5 days a week he works 11 hour days & some. So for that time. It's down to me. A very close friend of mine told me something Ill always remember.


“You're not home and just there to look after them, you're bringing them up.”


This sounds so obvious, I'm his mother, of course Ill bring him up. But how often do we hear of the 'youff' of today with their crotch round their knees and their blatant disregard for anything other than dub step *cue tut and roll eyes*. …. Too judgemental? Sorry about that.


We have higher hopes for what we'd like Euan to become a confident, respectful, hard working young man with good values and morals with opportunities. Although some might think I nag on at him all the time to say his P's and Q's, to do our notes together at Christmas and Birthdays, to look at someone when they're talking, say excuse me, have patience. But not to be walked all over. We figured, surely teaching them this young to have manners and respect for others then the rest will follow.


Crikey. I sound like I'm running some kind of boot camp. Believe me, we're a relaxed household I'm totally for letting children be children, relax, get mucky have freedom but I do think it's important to lay down the groundwork when they're so young. A balance.






I'm so incredibly proud of the boy he is. This is such a gorgeous age I have to document some characteristics I just can't get enough of.


  • That warm rosy cheeked wide eyed face that greets me first thing, demanding porridge and honey.
  • That little crease in the nook of your neck
  • Those huge lashes with those eyes. Oh those eyes.
  • “Daddy where you been to?” Everyday. When he comes home from work.
  • The way you struggle to say biscuit. So you innocently ask for “2 big shits in a bowl please”.
  • Your infectious giggle.
  • Playing 'Whats the time Mr Wolf” ….. And it's 'harf.past.78' every time.
  • Your love of colour.
  • Your love of being outside, whatever the weather.
  • Nudie hide and seek waiting for the bath to run.
  • Your dimples.
  • Your adjustment to being a big brother.
  • How you teach me so much about myself.
  • The little games I hear you playing, and how when you see me watching you get embarrassed.
  • Your hugs.
  • How happy you make us.
  • The level of excited you get for other people's birthdays.
  • The shakey shakey dance you do to mix up your sisters bottles.
  • Your 'listening ears' *does big eyes and tickles ears with wiggly fingers, to show his giving you his attention*
  • Your love of stories.
  • How you told me your converse were cool.
  • How when I call “where's my handsome boy?” You shout “HERE I AM!”
  • Your imagination and creativity.
  • How ridiculously exciting you find the steam cleaner.
  • The raspberries you dribble and do on your sisters tummy.
  • How you tell me you love me as your drifting off to sleep.

Euan we blimmin well love every inch of you. We're so lucky to have you. Im so proud of you. You're all kinds of amazing.



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Global Kids Fashion Week

So you lovely stylish lot, with your lovely stylish little ones. Today sees the start of Global Kids Fashion Week. Organised by the delightful Alex And Alexa in partnership with the children's charity Kids Company and the V&A Museum of Childhood.


Running from 18-20th March, This is the first event of its kind. There'll be runway shows, performances, with plenty of playful activities for the family. Sadly, I missed out on tickets to go Global Kids Fashion Week, I snoozed…. I lost. Next year ill be sure to be quicker off the mark.


With the huge success of Pinterest and Instagram we are able to Tweet, share and tune into styles from across the pond, over Europe…indeed globally. I've been introduced to stunning small concept stores for children's fashion to lifestyle brands I may not have stumbled across were it not for the power of Twitter. The blogging community sharing these stylish finds means gorgeous items for you and your little ones are just a few clicks away.


I think we're seeing plenty of style inspiration, especially with children's style and how design conscious parents are having fun with their children's fashion. Many brands and designers are recognising that comfort and practicality doesn't have to compromise style.


I've put together a few of my favourites from alexandalexa. Branded by The Independent as “Net a Porter for under 14's”, there are some incredible designer pieces, the really high end is probably a bit too much for a day at the park, but for special occasions worth a look.


I love the Stella McCartney Kids, punches of colour, fun, wit, practical and wearable with the rest of their little wardrobes.


So…my picks for little girls….





1 – Mollycoddle Retro Candy Print Dress £44.00


2 – Stella McCartney Kids Bird Buckle Sandals £68.00


3 – Anne Karris Green Polka Dot Skirt £93.00 £46.50


4 – Hunter Wellies, Balmoral in Olive £34.00


5 – Sookibaby Toadstool Print Tee £26.00


6 – Little Marc Jacobs Navy Coral Trim Cardigan £62.00


7 – Ash Shoes Flip High Tops in Pink £80.00


I'm a huge fan of Ash Footwear, so soft. These high tops come in so many different colours, they'd go with everything. Amazing quality too. I'd team the polka dot skirt (3) with some warm tights for now, a simple long sleeve T, the Ash High Tops (7) and the stunning Little Marc Jacobs cardigan (6). For when the sunshine finally makes an appearance, I'd pop Edie in the adorable Mollycoddle dress (1) the cardigan (6) and the High Tops (7) or some cute orange Mary Janes for a smarter look.


As for the Hunters… Pre-empting the great British Spring / Summer.


And for those mischievous little lads ….


1 – Stella McCartney Kids Rock & Roll Rabbit Jumper £60.00


2 – Mayoral Beige Shorts with Stripe Belt £23.00


3 – Tapete Cowboy Jumper £26.00 £18.00


4 – Scotch Shrunk Stripe Tee with Braces £42.00


5 – Hunter Milbank Trainers in Green £45.00


6 – Hunter Thurloe Lace Up Boots £45.00


7 – Stella McCartney for Kids Stripe Parrot Tee £22.00


8 – Ash Black Leather Stud High Tops £69.00


Your little boys can mix and match any of these pieces they're so versatile.


If your little ones are anything like mine, they need something to carry around their 'stuff'. We're yet to leave the house without a selection of cars. Or Edie, not yet 1 likes to have have a doll by the leg where possible.



1 – Lucky Boy Sunday Kiki £40.00 £32.00


2 – Lucky Boy Sunday Polly £40.00 £32.00


3 – Hippychick Natural Dolls Pram £70.00 £56.00


4 – Miniseri Medium Car Satchel £80.00


5 – Zatchels Colour Block Leather Satchel £119.00


I adore Lucky Boy Sunday, interesting visions from a danish designer eclectic knitted dolls and cushions made from 100% Alpaca, to help the women in Bolivia that make them. They'd love their cosy home in that gorgeous pram.


Satchels are timeless classics. These (4,5) are gorgeous examples. Euan would fill them both to capacity with every hot wheel he could lay his hands on.


Tweet me your little ones favourite outfits this week @Cardies_Crumbs or find me on Instagram.


Please note I was invited to write this post, but all views and opinions are my own. Images from






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Time For A Clear Out With A Click

We all have one, if your'e honest. Everyone has a dumping ground area of the spare bedroom where 'stuff' just breeds. Piles of 'things' that you promise to sort through on a rainy afternoon. But there are never enough hours in the day. Ever since we finished the extension I've had a pile of boxes of books, cd's, photo albums, a laptop, tablet and general stuff I've accumulated that i promised to sort out. All in a pile. A neat pile. But a pile all the same. That everyday I walk past it, muttering, “ill do that later” .I'm not talking hoarding proportions, but stuff that is getting on my nerves. I haven't missed this stuff for the the last year, so I've come to the conclusion I don't NEED it. A clear out is long overdue.


I've been putting it off and putting it off, and now it's time to take the bull by the horns.


The reason I've been putting it off is because it seems like such a chore. I've filled my fair share of charity bags, made donations of old toys to local play groups and doctors surgeries and now I'm left with things, things that actually could be worth something.


After seeing something online, I downloaded a free app, and while the little one napped this afternoon I got scanning CD barcodes with my iPad in hand. It was so easy, straight forward and user friendly.




Through Music Magpie you can clear out all sorts of Games, DVDs, CDs, Electronics, Gadgets and what I hadn't realised was they did was Clothes too. Simply select a few drop down boxes of descriptions, brands and sizes in a few moments you get an immediate price.




There's something therapeutic about sorting out old things. Spring…although the snow is fooling you into thinking different … Is approaching don't put it off, make a bit of money towards treating yourself and clear the mind by clearing that space in the corner.

… I think I need to sort out more stuff, out with the old and go shopping for the new right?

This is getting a little addictive. Ill keep you posted on how I get on.








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A Mothers Love is Pretty Blimmin’ Incredible….

Falling pregnant with my daughter we were elated. We felt so blessed and ridiculously fortunate to be able to expand our little family. But then for the weeks leading up to my due date as we mums like to do …I worried. I was anxious about the changes to our little dynamic. Our little team would change. Euan knew we were having a baby, But at 2 he couldn't comprehend what that would mean for him. For us.

I love our little boy with every inch of my being. He's my shadow. We've always done everything together, I'm fortunate to be at home with him all the time and have been there for every first, every milestone, When he 'd call me I'd be there in a flash. And now he'd have to share me, share us without a say, Is that fair?

I was so worried about how I'd cope with the 2 of them, What if I favoured 1 child over another, after all how can I possibly love them equally when I felt he already had all of me. How can you possibly love an extra little person without taking anything away from the other.

But you do. My Mum had reassured me having had 3 children herself. “You don't think you can, but you can, you're a Mum, you just do, and you will.”

And, as Mum's are. She was absolutely right.

Edie arrived and we were in total awe of her. As soon as she was home it was like she should have always been here. Our trio was now a perfect little team of 4.

And now 3 years on from becoming a mother I've mastered the art of extreme multi tasking, patience, cooking the perfect fish finger, how to get sudacrem out of a carpet, crayon off the wall….

More importantly I've learnt that just when you think you can't possibly love those gorgeous little people any more, they do something, however small that just blows you away, you feel that incredible all consuming surge of love. Nothing taken away from one of them for another. There just is enough. I've learnt as a mother you're body just gives and keeps giving everything you have and more.

In equal amounts.

However many.

Our little team of 4.


My little ones and me,

Happy Mothers Day.


You can find an excerpt of this post on Mumazine a fantastic magazine website full of interesting fun articles for you lovely mummy's to enjoy.


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Tick Tock

I’m sure I’m not the only mum in the land with a bag like this ….

With 2 children under the age of 4, I lug around changes of clothes, nappies, wipes, toys, a bottle, selection of snacks, bongela……The usual essentials.
Having a baby with a vice like grip on the end of go go gadget arms, I gave up wearing any jewellery for fear it could get broken, or she’d hurt herself on it. This included my watch.
So now in a time where I’m constantly needing to know the time, I’ve stopped wearing the 1 thing that did the job perfectly, instead having to dig through all of that (see fore-mentioned handbag picture) and rummage for my phone whilst juggling a squirming baby on my hip… I think it’s time I invested in a watch.
Here are a few favourites I stumbled across while browsing the John Lewis website. John Lewis offer a 2 year guarantee.
1 – Unisex Round, Black £70:00
2 – Men’s Charcoal Suit, Round, Leather Strap £66:50
3 – Once Again, Unisex, Black £32:00
4 – Full Blooded Unisex Chronograph Gold £105:00
5 – Women’s Originals Lady Plastic, Also available in Black & White, £32:00
6 – Women’s Cool Breeze White Round Plastic Strap £32:00
7 – Calicarpa Unisex Analogue, Red Strap £32:00
I love the simplicity of the Swatch Watches range, their originals are classics and would go with everything, for many an occasion. Opt for a bright colour from the range like the purple (5) or the red (7) for a fun injection of colour.
I am taken though with how feminine a mans watch can be. I know a random statement. But many a celeb are partial to rocking a mans watch. Swatch have a great selection of Unisex watches that very more on the masculine side (1). I’m not into ‘blingy’ jewellery, and ‘blingy’ these are not, gorgeous however they are in abundance.
8 – Core Collection, Windfall, Chronograph Watch £114:50
9 – Chronograph Bracelet Watch, Blustery, Silver £114:50
I think one of these beauties will help solve my problem and be a great style statement … Just what I like 2 birds and all that.
What time is it?…. Shopping time!
Please note I was invited to write this post, but all views and opinions are my own.
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Step into Spring with New Look

New Look have come a long way in recent years. Winning at least 10 prestigious fashion awards for their affordable fashion, maternity range and their Vegan friendly outerwear range.


The New Look website, is so easy to navigate. Lets face it time isn't something we Mums have in abundance. It's a difficult balance to have a website that you can either nip into, grab what you're looking for and go…or sit and browse with a cuppa and a biccie to get some style inspiration. Check out their blog section NL Daily. It's a balance New Look have got just right.


An area of the website, The Label Lounge made me curious. A couple of clicks and im greeted with an array of online exclusives, a great place to get some pieces that you wouldn't ordinarily stumble across. Perfect for when you're hunting down an outfit for that summer wedding ladies.


You'd be wrong to assume that New Look is just for the 'young ones', there are some gorgeous pieces that are age appropriate practical, stylish and affordable. We all do it, us Mum's, we guilt trip ourselves about getting something nice, a little treat. With anything from amazing shoes to quirky jewellery, accessories and everything in between, there's something for all us Mummy's. Practical, Stylish, Timeless, Affordable pieces…. With no frumpy mumsyness.


A good pair of Jeans are my staple, my comfort go to. Practical and easy to wear. Find a good pair of jeans for your busy days and they'll be your best chums in your wardrobe!


A key part of dressing practically for scrambling around at soft play baby groups, darting off to the school run and juggling the weekly food shop, whilst feeling comfortably and stylish is to layer. It's all about building up textures and mixing it up.


I've put together a few pieces you can layer and work together that caught my eye to get you through this overlap from Winter to Spring…

1 – Pale Blue Turn Up Boyfriend Jeans £19:99

2 – Ramones T Shirt £14:99

3 – Coral Peter Pan Collar Sleeveless Shirt £12:99

4 – Urban Bliss Blue Textured Jumper £14:99

5 – Fiorelli Tan & Orange Bag £48:99

6 – Plum Quilted Sleeve Sweater £12:99

7 – Black Stripe Boucle Jacket £24:99

8 – Stone Stud Wing Shopper £17:99

9 – Black Spike Hi Tops £15:99


Use the Fiorelli bag (5) for a splash of colour, layer up the Peter Pan collared shirt (3) under the jumpers (4 / 6) for a hint of femininity. And then mix it all up with these amazing spiked Hi Tops (9) to finish it off with some a hint of rock and roll. Studs are huge at the moment, and will be through spring/summer. If you don't feel like the hi tops are for you, then introduce a hint of them with the shopper (8). You can fit plenty of baby wipes and teething toys in that beauty!. Team up the Ramones T Shirt (2) with the Jacket (7) to soften the rock and roll edge of the T Shirt. This Jacket is a great timeless staple and a softer approach to the huge a monochrome trend you're seeing all over the high street.

And now we're getting an ever so slight hint of Spring, every time Spring comes round I feel like I'm caught off guard. Ill be picking up a few of these pieces to make sure I'm ready for the sunshine!


10 – Belted Maxi Skirt in Biscuit £16:99

11 – Blue Sleeveless Denim Shirt £14:99

12 – Wrangler Denim Shorts £59:99

13 – Tan Woven Panel Brogues £24:99

14 – Yumi Cream Floral Camera T-Shirt £32:99

15 – Wrangler Louisiana Pin Up Tank £24:99

16 – Ax Paris Scallop Detail Vest £12:00

17 – Helen Rochfort Custard Cream Phone Case £12:99

18 – Chinese Laundry Red Mayem Wedges £99:99

19 – Orange And Gold Arrow Spike Necklace £5:99

20 – Anchor Necklace £4:99

21 – Black Purple Tint Round Sunglasses £4:99


A phone cover that's a custard cream biscuit (17)…. I NEED one!! The Yumi T Shirt has a beautiful back, take a look. (14). Wear the Wrangler Tank (15) with the Denim Shirt open (11) team these with the Maxi Skirt (10) and the Brogues (13) for a relaxed layered look. In the summer I live in maxi skirts, so comfortable and ridiculously flattering, in this Biscuit colour this one will work with everything (10).

Many of these pieces can be teamed up with the other pieces to wear now. For instance team up the Wrangler Shorts (12) with opaque tights, the Hi Tops (9) and the Peter Pan Collar Shirt (3) and the Plum Quilted Sleeve Sweater (6) for a gorgeous toasty mix of colour and layers, with the Hi Tops giving an edge.

So you lovely Mummy's, you can see you don't have to spend a fortune to treat yourself to a few pieces that would work together from now through to spring summer.

Afterall it's Mothers Day, and you deserve it. New Look have HUGE Sale with up to 60% off right now you go!

I'd love to see any pieces you've picked up from New Look, tweet or find me on Instagram @Cardies_Crumbs


Please note I was invited to do this post but all opinions and reviews are my own. Images from the New Look website.






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Blow Wind Blow

Euan's quite fascinated by how things work, fascinated at how they're put together, he's just getting into Lego and enjoys it for that very reason. But he also has an artistic flair. I like us to do things together often that encourages less time playing angry birds and to go 'old school', back to basics. Quality quiet time.


When in a crafty shop in my village I stumbled across a little cute cart of Seedling products I got quite excited! I'd not seen it before and It's everything I'm a total sucker for, great packaging, ethos, encouraging creativity and imagination with fantastic ideas.



At just £6:00 I picked up a 'Make Your Own Windmill' kit to keep in my cupboard of bits and bobs for when I'd need to play a trump card with a bored boy on a rainy half term afternoon.

We couldn't wait that long….

Edie was napping, Mr G busy washing the cars we thought we'd make a windmill.



In the kit you have :-

  • 3 x plain windmill designs,
  • 1 x wooden handle,
  • 1 x large pin (this is pretty much a large nail so be careful with little ones, it does have a safety cap),
  • 1 x plastic cylinder to keep the windmill in place,
  • 1 x Set of easy to followInstructions,
  • 1 x set of colouring pencils (although little man had nabbed these away before I could take the picture)


We laid it all out and got ready to go, we opted for going mad with crayons and pencils, but paint, stickers, anything you fancy would work well, provided its not restrictive for the windmill to turn.

I admit I tried to encourage Euan to colour the pattern in the lines, but he's 3 and afterall it's his windmill. I had to step back and let him just go with it.

Once coloured on both sides, you cut along the dotted lines taking care not to go right to the middle. Then fold each of the points that already have a hole into the middle and you'll see the windmill taking form.

We followed the instructions to secure the windmill in place. And then blew as hard as we could! Euan LOVED watching the marks he'd made spinning around, calling out the colours and pointing out the different marks he'd made. Our dining table as you can see is a bit urrrm textured and so makes fab marks and crayon rubbings.



He was desperate to put it in the garden with the others, but I don't think the rain would do it any good. So it's staying in a pot in the play room for now. Perhaps ill look into laminating it or making it waterproof somehow. Comment or Tweet me @Cardies_Crumbs if you have any suggestions.


…when we got out of puff a helping hand to give it a spin worked just as well.




So impressed was I that popped open the ipad to find their website and learn more about them.

Founded only in 2006 by Phoebe Hayman, herself a mother of 2, based near Auckland, NZ as a way of creating crafty gift ideas for children. From selling her wares at a humble country christmas fayre Seedling is now a well loved brand in New Zealand and an up and is quickly receiving international recognition. Winning numerous awards for the creativity, quality and concept of the 250 products Seedling have created for all ages and abilities to encourage little ones imaginations.

On the home page products are categorised into the following:-

  • Thread
  • Artist
  • Experiment
  • Challenge
  • Imagine
  • Boutique
  • Papier
  • Explore
  • Designer
  • Treasures
  • Nature

As you go to shop online the products are categorised further into age suitability, price range and who their good for, i.e adventurers, artists etc. This makes looking for that special gift for yours or friends little ones, that bit easier, without having to trawl through pages and pages of products.

A few of my favourites ….

These cute Mini Mushroom pegs are only $4:99 (approx £2:50) a few sets of these would be perfect to hang pre school paintings up in the playroom, prints and photographs.
For those budding fashion designers, or if you like a bit of individuality in your little ones wardrobe, they can have fun making their own t shirt, I love this idea! $31:99 (approx £16:47)
We like a bit of David Attenborough in our household, so why not encourage the budding explorer in them to get outside and learn about what natures lies in their back garden, the woods, the park, at the beach. Priced at $44:99 (approx £23:16) Euan will love this and use it again and again…maybe one to do with Daddy though, creepy crawlies aren't my forte…. Ill bugsy the T Shirt Kit!
Great for learning the alphabet, phonics, colours and writing thank you notes, party invites and cards, or even use them to make your own wrapping paper these alphabet stamps are delightful. $19:99 (approx £10:29)


If you haven't already take a moment to look through their website

You can easily shop online, or contact them to find your local stockist.

Tweet me what Seedling goodies your making with your little people, @Cardies_Crumbs enjoy some quality time inspired by this lovely brand.


Please note that I did not receive any goods, nor was paid a fee for this review, all opinions are my own. NZD to GBP converted using Currency Web correct as of the date of this posting.