Kneading Time

Is it cooked yet…is it cooked it cooked yet!!!

We like our food in this house, we like to try and make it fun from 'funny hunny shapes' in our porridge to s sunday roast. It's important for us that the little ones to grow up understanding where their food comes from. We're very lucky where we live to have some a lovely family friendly farm shop on our doorstep.

That said.. we do have our 'sling in a few fish fingers days' but its about trying to find a balance.

Euan has recently got a bit fussier than he used to be. More of a 'I'm 3, and I'm the boss'' more than anything. However if he's involved in the kitchen, he's interested, engaged and excited about what he's about to eat.

Last night was an episode of Food and Drink…available to watch on BBC I Player here…

Monica Galetti (known for her role in Masterchef The Professionals) explained about how she had got her daughter to eat more spinach. A Pie.

This morning we went to our farm shop for the ingredients we needed, we're going for a delicious chicken, bacon and leek number.

A delicious recipe a lovely friend had made me for a girlie catch up dinner recently. We adjusted it slightly, adding a few more veggies, spinach, courgette and some more herbs.

The Fabulous Baker Brothers recipe is here…

So after pre school this afternoon, while little lady napped we rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in…

I had done most of the cooking before hand, Euan joined me for the bringing it all together, and most importantly the job of decorating the pie!

We had a minor incident in the corner…but I love a good patched together pie, gives them character….

A generous egg wash followed by the impatient repetitive ” is it cooked now, …mummy, is it cooked…mummy must be cooked noooooow, mummy, mummy, is it ready now”.

25 minutes it takes in the oven mummies…25 MINUTES of the above….

cue the cut offs, some cookie cutters …and peace… I do love our time in the kitchen, he's 3 and still learning the concept of cooking time.

And before he knows it we're ready to sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labour…

He really does love mucking in, in the kitchen, and it's a gorgeous time just the 2 of us.

He did manage to swerve most of the spinach in the pie, but he tried it, and enjoyed it. And that's the main thing.

I'd love to see some of your pie piccies, tweet me or find me on Instagram @Cardies_Crumbs




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