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Sunday Monster Fun

It's always been me and the boy at home, just us 2, doing what we wanted, when we wanted to. if we fancied an impromptu walk in the woods we'd throw on our boots and off we'd go. So it was no surprise I had my concerns over how he'd adjust when little lady's arrival was imminent she he'd have to she's my time and attention.

I slowly started to explain he'd have to have patience and hang on for me while I had to empty the dishwasher, change a bed, and then show him I could still make time for him while Edie was here, to minimise any jealousy.

Now Edie's 9 months old, and although he can happily entertain himself with his toys, when Edie's indulging in a nap we should have our time, reading, doing a puzzle, playing, watching a film. Just us.

So this morning, Mr G was busily preparing lunch, Edie snoozing, we got out his set of Create Your Own Monsters, by Grafix. Bought for him as a gift he couldn't wait to bring the pieces of card to life.

Although the recommended age is 5+, doing it together was fine, there were no teeny pieces or anything particularly sharp.

A great kit of 4 monsters to create. The great thing is, there was no need for glue, tape and no mess. Just clear instructions, a sheet of stickers and individually bagged pieces for each monster.

And so, he chose which one he wanted to make first, and he'd show me the stickers he needed on the sheet from referring to the instructions, I helped him twist the pipe cleaners in for arms etc, but the rest he did himself, sometimes following the pictures for guidence and sometimes changing it up a bit. And he loved it.

We sat together as he'd build up their faces making up stories about each monster, where they lived, what their favourite food was, their names and odd noises they'd make.

May I introduce you to Mummy Bert, partial to the odd custard and spaghetti sandwich, with rasberry jam….

And then it was on to the next….

Once we'd had a play and the attention was drifting. I suggested we could link them altogether and hang them up in his room, somewhere Edie couldn't eat them!

We just used some string I had, but if I'd have thought about it a bit more, something more exciting would have finished it off nicely, we could have paint the string or used some more glittery pipe cleaners, different coloured wool, or ribbon would have been a great alternative,

So now they hang from his light switch, and very proud of them he is too.

A great set, that easily filled a good 90 minutes got his imagination ticking over and something for his room that he's made sharing some great fun time to boot. Just us.

I'll definitely be keeping my peepers open for more in this range for Euan, especially with half term looming! As well as for gifts for friends children.

Have a look on the Grafix website for more crafty ideas, activities to download and their range of products available.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post and all views are my own.


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