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Ice Ice Baby

Over the last few snowy days Edie's experience of the white stuff has been limited. Peering from under a wooly hat behind her rain cover, zipped into her fleecy pram suit, in a foot muff, with a blanket. She can crawl and sit perfectly, but I wouldn't fancy crawling in the snow, so didn't think she'd be up for that either.

I toyed with the idea of popping her in the sledge to join in the fun but Euan's quite a big lad and visions of baby face first in the snow wasn't convincing me it was the best of ideas.

Browsing Twitter coffee in hand I saw a post on Mumazine where Sam had brought the snow inside for her little ones to enjoy.

Genius Idea! So that's what we did…

We'd had our fun, making a snowman while Edie napped this morning …cue compulsory snowman picture … A humble effort but he was chuffed.

And now it was her turn. Edie and I dropped him off at pre school, had a bit of lunch and got prepared for her first hands on experience of the snow.
Sam at Mumazine recommended having a towel to hand…this is good advice, perhaps also a change of clothes for the adventurous ones. Obviously the more snow you have, the more water you'll have to contend with.
I threw a few toys in, brightly coloured balls, some play doh bits and bobs, an alien, a couple of cups, a few dinosaurs, a carrot and a cheeky maka paka for good measure.
She's a suspicious one our Edie, but the bright coloured toys lured her to investigate what it was all about.
This was so much fun to see her reaction to the textures, temperatures, the noise…the taste!
We then got fresh supplies, for when Euan got home and using an idea I'd seen on a lovely blog I got some food colouring, some cups and straws and he sat pouring and mixing the different coloured water, we talked about why the snow had started to melt, and why the colours were mixing and turning murky. What was happening when he poured one colour on top of another.

I'm not sure what the straws were bringing to the party, but we went with it …

After a while, he wanted “the normal snow back now” ….. And it was time for the big guns!

After several trips to the garden to replenish the melting snow, and insisting he wore his gloves if he wanted to carry on playing …. His fingers were going blue!

This kept them amused for ages. Thanks to @mumazine and @capturebylucy for the great ideas.


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