Little Crumbs

..not even a drip…

Munchkin Click Lock Trainer Cup

On a few occasion's I've stood in the baby aisle of the supermarket bleary eyed a bit overwhelmed at all the cups available, different colours, shapes, sizes, all sorts of teats, spouts, flippy tops. I have at least 5 different 'sippy' style cups I tried with Euan (now 3) and struggled to find one he got the gist of. So now about to embark on the same stage with Edie, I was going to start the cycle again when we had the opportunity to try the Munchkin, Click Lock Trainer Cup. Suitable from 6 months +, and for Edie's first 'cup' experience, it seemed like a good place to start.

You'd be forgiven for being sceptical at first glance of the packaging, afterall those are some big promises to make to a parent….with claims of 100% leak proof spill proof, but still having an easy flow soft silicone spout for Edie to drink comfortably … how?? But then these guy's at Munchkin have 10 of their products ranked Number 1 in their given field. So, they must know their baby stuff!

In no time at all Edie had donned her lab coat and was ready for some intense testing. This cup was going to be put through its paces.

The First Impression's Test.
Very easy to clean with clear instructions on how to put back together, (it's no krypton factor challenge). It's also safe to go in the top rack of your dishwasher.
I put 6oz of water in the cup (it takes a maximum of 8oz) placed it in front of her and let her have a play with it.
Ergonomically the handles are perfect. Just right for her little hands. She picked it up straight away. She was chewing on the spout at first, then once she got a taste of what was inside, and what happened when she tilted it. She had it sussed.
Even when the cup is full it's not too heavy for her to lift, the shape of the handles make it easy for her to lift it to her mouth and tilt it to drink, without having to crick her neck right back.
The cup is BPA free, so you can rest easy that its safe. At the point of this picture, the easy flow soft silicone spout had taken some serious gum chewing, and even a week on it still looks untouched.
So far, So good…

The Highchair Launch Test.

Chunks of apple, pasta, cucumber, rice cakes, breadsticks…Edie's not fussy at what can get launched from the high chair, so why would the cup get any special treatment. Having had the cup for a few days, we sat down for a snack…

Wait for it…spot the left hand….

And 'Thump'

Here is the 'chuffed with myself face' …. Cup successfully launched on the floor.

Granted, I could have swept up …but that aside, I had to document this…note…not a single drop, and that hit the hard floor with a thump!

Happening several times, per sitting for 3 meals a day, and snacks. It's still as good as new.

I think that can be the Highchair Launch Test passed with flying colours.

The 'Sling It On The Passenger Seat' Test.

Now, I have my change bags, kids have their own bags for all the 'stuff' you need when leaving the house, and then I have MY bags, my little treasured bags that I don't put leaky lip glosses or temperamental biro's in let alone a bottle of water with an easy flow spout! *takes deep breath * I was putting alot of trust in the Munchkin cup for this test.

Having had the Munchkin Click Lock Trainer Cup for over a week, I thought it was time. Time I left Edie's bag of stuff at home, and put a few of her essentials in my bag.

Mummies, how many times have you slung the kids essentials in a bag, buckled them in, chucked said bag in the car and had to dash toot suite. Only to reach your destination to a loose Tupperware lid leaving rice cake crumbs, or worse formula strewn everywhere. Or. juice swishing about or dripping over your 'To Do List'. Annoying isn't it.

So we set off to see my Nan. …'s the bag before

And after a 30 minute journey through 4 twisty villages, over speed bumps, round mini roundabouts and stop starting at traffic lights.
Thankfully, not a drip….. Phew … I'm really beginning to like this cup!
So, having used this cup for best part of 2 weeks, Edie's put it through it's paces, she seeks comfort from it, when her teeth are bothering her. she holds it brilliantly due to its great shape. And more importantly she can use it for what it's intended for, to teach her to help herself to a drink, give her that next small step of independence.
And from a mummies point of view, it looks great, doesn't weigh a lot at all, easy and quick to clean, and more importantly there's NO fuss. No lining up silly symbols or fiddling with bits fumbling to put it together, then wondering if you've done it right, taking it apart to do it again, and still not being convinced….c'mon we've all done it. With this you put the top on, turn it and listen for the reassuring unmissable 'Click'.
There are many more cups to the Munchkin range, from the trainer cup, to sippy cup's and insulated flip straw cups. Ideal for summer.
Moving on from the cups there are many more products, all brightly coloured, well made and developed with your little one's in mind. With Lindam as their child safety brand. Your child's safety and ease of use with their products is clearly evident, if this cup is anything to go by.
You can find the full range of Munchkin Products and what leading supermarkets / stores have stocks through their website here.
I'm looking at the Twisty Teether Ball and the Turtle Shower for my little 'scientist's' next investigation.
Please note that neither Edie or I were paid to write this review.



















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