Mummy Fashion

My New Baby ….I mean Cardie …

Knitwear is underrated, nothing beats a chunky knit coiled around you particularly at this time of year. But a cardie is more than 'something to throw on' for me …or up on for Edie, it's my comfort blanket, 'How many cardies does Donna own?' Was a question in the quiz at my baby shower…now that's devotion to the cause.

Any time of year it's my emergency go to 'bum, tum, bingo wing cover upper' and a blimmin good job it does to! This key part of my wardrobe has over the years grown to quite a collection, from a heavily worn bobbly trusty old cable knit to 'ones for best', a good cardie has been known to save me from leaky milky boobie embarrassment on a hen do and showing bum cleavage at baby gym …..Louis Smith's training Gym may I add *swoons*….as you were.

All hail the cardie!

Before Christmas I had a good old sort out, a bin bags worth left out for charity. I was brutal in my decision making, and now I have my elite force of much loved cardies.

So, it would come as no surprise that on opening a gift from the in laws christmas morning to find some John Lewis vouchers, at the next available opportunity I was online …Womenswear – Knitwear – Cardigans ….ahhhh you little beauties, come to mumma!!

The following morning I was at Grand Arcade like a rat up a drain pipe, with a list of what I 'needed' to maintain sales carneage focus, swerving through elbowing old women and girls called Poppy Daaaaaarling with scruffy top knots head to toe in Jack Wills (it's Cambridge) I clapped eyes on this Reiss delight …


I had seen this Callister shape on the Reiss website (available in 3 colours) but not in the John Lewis concession before. And at £110.00 I couldn't justify it at the time, now in the sale at £55.00 it's more within my comfort zone. …I may have let out a little squeal.

…que lovely knitting detail appreciation. I can appreciate why it would have been £110, the quality and the fit is beautiful. It's not a cardie of choice for feeding Edie her porridge that's for sure!

I'm not normally a big 'colour person' but im trying to drag myself out of the depressing land of greys, blacks, and muted khaki's and if there's a punch of colour to be found in my wardrobe it will manifest in cardie form, mainly because for something a little bit braver for me in the form of something i feel secure and comfortable in, it dosnt feel like a bold step.

I've been wearing it with my Ash biker boots, that Mr G came up trumps with at Christmas …that's a whole other post!…. A khaki baggy t shirt ….little steps now …trusty skinny jeans and my new huge Clements Ribeiro for John Lewis knitted scarf. I'm obsessed with chunky knits, mixing up textures and colours. My Ash boots are giving the least likely of candidates in my wardrobe a new found edge. I love it.

The high street is full of cardie gems that can be far from 'mumsy'…I'm making it my 2013 mission to build on my cardie army….and perhaps work on making the 'tum cover upper's' redundant.



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