Kneading Time

‘My Pizza Pie’

A miserable wet day, dark by 2:30, toys were exhausted, a film or 2 watched, and i’d taken down the christmas decorations, my 3 year old glaring at me like I was the fun police I had to use the trump card.

And here it is, in the creatively packaged form of the Jamie Oliver, ‘Mama Mia, My Pizza Pie’  box, i’d got for Euan at the Jamie at Home party i’d hosted, through the delightful Holly.


I’m a sucker for packaging, and this got me hook, line and sinker, packed up like a pizza box, with a recipe card inside emulating a slice of pizza on a plate, The colours, and curiosity grabbed Euan’s attention immediately, He loved that all these little tools were all his, a rolling pin, slice, pizza cutter and a pizza stone, all of high quality and branded with the ‘Jme’ touches.

So, we washed our hands, got aproned up, and rolled up them sleeves ready to get stuck in….

At this point I must come clean, I had made the pizza dough on the quiet before getting Euan involved as we’ve done this before, and I couldnt take the stress…and my cupboards could take no more yeast, water and flour slosh dripping down the front of them, inside of them, underneath them…picture painted?  OCD or a control freak guilty as charged, I’m all for getting stuck in and letting the little ones make some mess for the cause…however making pizza dough mixing using a well method in the flour with a 3 year old desperate to ‘have a go mummy’ is not for the faint hearted… it is however for those with a spare hour to clean up the flour water carneage that insues…so if your’e up to the task, fill your boots lovelies…

So dough proved, it was time to ‘knock it back’, all ready and raring to go, the little man clambered up to the block. We had the recipe card on the book stand and did as Jamie instructed. This was great for maintaining his attention and patience. normally if we cook without recipe’s it can be a bit of this, bit of that, but following the recepie, he was soon asking me, ”what’s next mummy?” …


Euan’s always loved being involved in the kitchen, myself and Mr G are a pair of foodies, so it came as no shock he’d want to know about what goes on in there and we’re keen for our children to know where their food comes from. He was always such a brilliant eater, but of late he’s decided to pass on pretty much everything thats good for him bar his red Innocent Smoothie obsession…oh the joys of being 3… So a great way to get him excited about foods convincing him of different fruits and vegetables is getting him involved, whether that be him making choices ‘this or this’ and making things himself, the colours, smells, the feel of ingedients is a great experience for him.

I chopped some toppings into ramakin’s for him to choose what he wanted, Peppers, Mushrooms, Chicken (griddled first with some olive oil) and Mozarella, obviously you can use as much or as little as you want, but i wanted to take little steps with this one as he’s had THE bug all foods a bit overwhelming for him at the moment. Anyhoo we used passata on the base and off he went….


look at that little proud face!

10 minutes later and he had a delicious pizza to enjoy, even more so as it was  from his own efforts.

The only thing i found a bit tricky was getting the stone out the oven after it was in there to warm through, getting the raw pizza onto it  while trying to keep him from touching it (it’s obviously piping hot) was a bit difficult ”put it on there mummy -goes to touch it!”, so i’d advise for the ultra curious fingers, to keep them out of reach for that part.

We had a great afternoon together as we always do when we’re pottering in the kitchen, he showed his daddy the pictures when he got in from work and I heard him telling him all about it in the bath later on, he was ridiculously chuffed with himself. It’s afternoons like this when I’m so grateful to be at home with the little people….you never know in 20 years on Masterchef, he might talk about this day! ha!

The one night I look forward to nibbling some left overs…and he doesn’t leave me any!


I couldn’t recommend this kit highly enough, i got one for my 9 year old nephew too, who im sure will enjoy it just as much.

You can get in touch with Holly, through her facebook group ”Jamie at Home by Holly” for more details on the whole Jamie at Home range , … you’ll want the lot!

…. now I wonder if Euan will do me some poached eggs and smoked salmon for brekkie….


5 thoughts on “‘My Pizza Pie’

  1. mummyconstant says:

    This looks fab, I want one – I love the idea of baking with Noah! Great photos and Donna your kitchen looks amazing xx

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