Mummy Fashion

There’s nothing wrong in not wanting to be a ‘mumsy’

Thursday morning something awful happened, I mean something I vowed would never happen to me….

I took lil man to pre school bare faced in my 'joggers' and then …. I tucked them into my uggs!!…I know, I know, how did I ever let it come to this?!? The truth is, I've no idea. I got home caught reflection of myself and thought ” **insert expletive of your choosing** n' Nora! This is not good”.

Now, don't get me wrong, I hardly totter down into the village, Heidi Klum style fully made up in my louboutins …if I still had the ability to walk in them, or looked like her, perhaps I would for the hell of it…but I don't, anyhoo I digress.

If I'd got home and thought, “crikey you look rough” but felt like I genuinely wasn't bothered then I wouldn't even fuss to write about it, but I didn't I felt, really quite poop, no confidence and frankly embarrassed and that's just not nice.

This was a feeling I'd had before, similarly I felt a bit 'lost' after having my son, in a rut. I read a piece in my much loved Red Magazine & emailed them to acknowledge the article that gave me a new lease of life and a kick up the bum.

I'd made a public promise to myself ….they'd printed it, so I had to stick to it, and yet a year later …A YEAR … and I've done nothing about it, the piece is folded up rammed into a corner of my purse stuffed between coupons and shopping lists.

That said, I havn't been a total no hope case this last year, I still know what I like, chunky knits, cardies, clean lines, not a great deal of fuss, if I could i'd have a wardrobe full of Chinti & Parker….Santa if your'e reading I'm a size 12,ta …. I went through a short lived 'head to toe Boden & Joules' phase, because I'm a mum now, isn't that 'what we do' bombarded by catalogues showing mumsy's running carefree in long grass….an image of mummy bliss. I felt out of place and 'not cool enough anymore' to be browsing in the likes of my old haunts. So am sort of stuck in the middle.

I've gone to buy things, and then talked myself out if it, I'll lose more weight first, where will I wear it, it's not practical while I'm feeding… Blah, blah, blah

But then the other day I got these …. All hail Zara

I'm smitten, they symbolise that little ol' me waving from a distance reminding the me I've become. That just because I'm a mum now, I shouldn't feel guilty for missing her a little bit.

So here goes, I'm a year late but ho hum….should you see me out in fore mentioned ensemble, with porridge on my top and a baby wipe stuffed in my back pocket then permission granted to slap my wrist!

I'm excited, looking forward to writing a few posts on some practical yet beautiful and suitable for a Mummy finds …not to be confused with 'mumsy'.

Ramblings ...

Gently catching monkeys

I follow Dawn Porter on Twitter … I think she's fab, effortlessly cool and straight talking, something I am frustratingly most definitely not. I worry far too much about people's opinions of me, I ramble when I'm nervous or feel awkward, I giggle for no reason I worry about upsetting people. I stress myself out over running around like a crazy person trying to keep other people happy. It's a running joke in our house the extent to which I apologise, … A habit I fear is rubbing off on lil man, I bumped into him earlier and he apologised to me … I know!

Anyhoo I digress I read this article by Dawn a few weeks ago and had an epiphany…

Right! I said to myself that's it. I'm going to just say No when I mean No. I feel excited like a weights lifted, I mean it's not hard, I won't be rude, just firm. This started well, I've had 2 situations where I've attempted to put this new me into practice….

I went to get my hair cut …well a trim (have a pixie crop so 'cut' is a slight exaggeration) ….

Quite how this happened is beyond me but the guy cutting it ..who's cut it before I might add…managed to literally hack a chunk out the back. And I mean hack! a while ago I may well have sat there grinning and assuring him it was probably my fault for Urrrm sitting?! But not this time luvie, oh no. I was polite, smiled and said yeah, not quite what I'd had in mind. Could you ask someone senior to come and take a look, please…still smiling, calm, and firm. He scurries away. I know I shouldn't have trusted him, the clue was in the heavy guy liner.

A more senior stylist lovely as she was crouches down, takes my hand and braces me for just how short it now needs to go to 'correct it', yeah, it was short, I mean short, there were a few tears on the drive home. I was gutted, gone from a feminine gamine crop to a crew cut. I had a close friends wedding that Saturday. I was looking for a hat and not for the glamour of an accessory but for shelter. Anyhoo, I stood my ground. Refused to pay & requested some form of discount for my next appointment, they're lucky I'm going back quite frankly, well not to guy liner boy that's for sure!

….that's 1 to me then, yey! I like this new, stop taking sh*t me. It's liberating. I feel proud of myself.

I then go to the AGM of the Pre School,…in a hat… Mr G jokes that ill come home having nominated myself to be the Chairperson because 'I felt bad' or my usual 'I don't know how it happened I couldn't stop myself' Ha! i'll show him I can say No, I mean I happy to be involved its our children's pre school, I want to do my bit of course, but standing behind a tombola isn't filling me with excitement, i know I'll sit on my hands. I've turned a corner, bring it on, the current committee dissolves. New committee members please …. No Donna just nibble your complimentary garibaldi….

So, I'm now the Secretary of the Pre School Committee, what is it they say about gently catching monkeys?!?

…. Raffle Ticket anyone?