Ramblings ...

How that woman lived in a shoe is BEYOND me!

Come on in, welcome to our lounge/kitchen/hallway/nursery … Take a seat, oh maybe stand there, not there, perch on the work top … Fab!

So, for the last 4 months, for the most part we've been living in the kitchen while walls have been hammered down and rebuilt, Edie was born on a Saturday 3 days later the cement mixer was churning away. My younger sister got ready to leave for the church on her wedding day while a bricklayer grafted away in the garden, these skilled lads have been party to some big milestones in our household.

For weeks I was counting down the days, having to be up, showered and dressed by 7:30 with a nocturnal toddler and a new born bracing myself ready for a house full of builders, plumbers and electricians, it was some days just plain ridiculous. Entertaining lil man in a space 1m2 with a handful of toys pouring with rain, we've taken salvation at soft play centres and at very good friends … Thank you ladies!!… We've literally lived on top of each other, the minute we could spread out from the kitchen was a release for Euan he's been desperate for some breathing space and room to play.

But now ….it's finished ….I'll miss the Brummie accents singing along to heart fm, the banter and the sight of big burly men tucking into my lemon drizzle cake huddled around the skip with mugs of tea like a group of old dears.

Irrelevant of the endless dust, the state of my windows and builders using the toilet … Did i say using the toilet, sorry I meant just weeing in the toilets general direction …I've thoroughly enjoyed the summer evenings with Mr G, kiddies tucked up in bed and a walk around to see how things are going with a small gin in hand, sitting at the table squished into the corner of the kitchen with a pile of floor samples, paint tester pots, farrow and ball colour swatches all stacked tentatively on top of the tumble dryer, I'll look back over the photographs of the mess with very fond memories.

Mr G's spent hours deliberating plumbing issues, managing the budget chasing planning officers and frantic calls to the architect, I however was in my comfort zone of pondering Donna Wilson cushions and losing sleep over where the Christmas Tree would go! He's worked so hard to ensure everything's gone to plan for us, we've made alot of sacrifices not just financially but alot of valuable time together. We've waited a long time to be able to do this, I'm so proud of him.

The first night after a day of full on cleaning and scrubbing I sat in a cillet banged out heap and took it all in, overwhelmed and soooo excited about the family memories we'll create in our new home. We love it. It's been so worthwhile.

And now for the real fun, furniture shopping garden landscaping and decorating and then to sit and enjoy it. Together.

Pinterest is proving to be a great source of inspiration for the playroom and a fantastic tool for explaining ideas and tastes to Mr G of what I have in mind, I don't want to rush into it too much, take our time, make the space personal a real home.

Using your womanly wiles to try and the Sanderson Curtains you've been lusting after isn't immoral right?

…. Oh …