Little Crumbs

The day a piece of A5 laminate knocked me for six

The last few months have been a blur of pregnancy, labour, newborn, holiday, building and toilet training shinanegans.

When friends see little lady they can't believe she's 3 months already, and to be frank neither can I. I know, I know, ooooh how cliche but in all seriousness I feel like we've had so much going on I havn't had time to sit and take stock and soak it all in.

As I sit watching him play, his imagination blows me away, this morning for example we had an incident involving dinosaurs rescuing the baby pig that was stuck in the train tunnel blocked by a penguin in a moon buggy…don't worry lightening McQueen and Dory saved the day … danger was averted…. Phew.

Every day he's more curious, talkative, confident and at times quite a bossy little tinker!…must get that from Mr G.

This growing up lark has jbeen creeping up on us for a while, but suddenly on Sunday morning as he sat cross legged waiting for his certificate. This A5 certificate in laminate knocked me for six. I went to pieces. A combination of sleep deprivation, hormones and a reality check. He looked so grown up in his uniform sat with his friends a proper little boy…(thank the fashion gods for Miu Miu's oversized sunnies) I promptly blamed hay fever for my being a snivelly mess channeling a make up look to rival Alice Cooper … Note to self to invest in waterproof mascara. How has this happened so fast.

Especially with a newborn it can be so easy to take advantage of him playing so nicely and maximise the time where your entertainment skills are surplus to requirements to whizz off get some washing sorted or mop a floor.

Its a balance I know I've needed to address for a while, even more so after talking to some close friends over dinner, who's parenting skills I aspire to. From here on I need to condNition myself not to fret if the floor isnt mopped for a few hours, or the ironing pile is mounting. To spend more time on the things that really count instead of trying to juggle and have everything 'just so' because I'm at home all day I feel need to stay on top of things to justify my role. Mr G has never implied he expects his dinner of all food groups on the table piping hot at 7pm sharp, quite the opposite.

This has been my battle wanting to fulfil my 'homemaker' role and justify my 'pocket money' … But then as much as I'd love the wardrobe I'm not in the 50's. I'm not a cleaner, chef or washer woman, I'm at home to raise our children the best way I know how and create memories we'll cherish. You'll never get this time back. Sometimes life can just pass by, wishing weeks away… Already thinking about Christmas. It's too easily done, I need to make more time for the here and now.

Run Euan, Ruuuuuuuun!

In other news I'll shortly be starting training for next years Mum's race …. That's a whole other post.