Little Crumbs

Our very own Ol’ Queenie

I wouldn't consider myself particularly patriotic but with the events of this weekend, seeing our village street party in full flow, I came over all a bit 'Rule Britannia'.

We hadn't really planned to make a huge deal of the jubilee in our household, like many probably just chuffed to have an extended weekend. Our house is essentially a building site at the moment so bunting wasn't an option. Feeling we should do something to mark the occassion we packed up some festive fondant fancies, cherry bakewells, union jack decorated gingerbread men and off we went to see our very own Queen from the 'big smoke' my Nan.

Watching the coverage of the Jubilee celebrations from the comfort of her armchair Nan talked with fond memories of the day of the Coronation, standing in the crowds at The Mall for the somber event of the Queens father's (King George VI) funeral, how she happened to be passing 'ol' Buck Pally' when news broke that Prince Charles had been born. It resonated with me the generation difference to the attitude of the monarchy. I wonder if in 80 years I'll be talking to Euan & Edie's Grandchildren about this weekend with the same fondness and pride, seeing coverage of the Queens reign to date has certainly sparked a new found respect for what the Royal Family do for our country but im not sure she's played as much of a 'figure' in my life, that said we havn't thankfully had to live through the Blitz that her generation have with the Queen providing a constant figure of British stiff upper lip. 'Queenie' as Nan refers to her symbolises our country's strength.

Nan turned 85 this weekend, quite a milestone for the 'ol gal', saving bigger celebrations for when my Mum is over later in the summer. We raised a toast and my sister made a cake…..(she did a blimmin good job too I'm fearing for my 'birthday cake maker' role in the family 😉 ) … We sang happy birthday, she opened her gifts and accepted flowers with a beaming smile… 85 wow.

With a strong east london accent and dirty laugh,Tottenham born and bred she's very proud to be British is my Nan. The flight pass made her feel emotional, she waved a lil flag with great gusto 'Hip Hip Hooooray,' and sang along to 'God Save Our Queen', just brilliant!. I'm sure she would have loved to swap her legs for the ones from her 30's to be down there for the procession soaking up the atmosphere. Although our efforts were a little humble in comparison to others, a few flags and some festive sweet treats, 4 generations huddled around the tv to share the celebrations with her was just perfect.

As much of the Queen is the centre of the royal family, our lil 5ft Nan ('little nanny' as she's known to my lil man) is the centre of ours. We've always spent alot of time with our Grandparents growing up but over recent years in particular with my Mum now living in the states I know I can go to my Nan for a 'mummy fix' to have a chat not just as Nan to Grandaughter but as Mother to Mother is something quite special.

She's very dear to me my lil Nan the moment I introduced her to her namesake and youngest Great Grandaughter Edie will always stay with me, when she's old enough to understand I look forward to telling her about the fantastic lady she was named after.


2 thoughts on “Our very own Ol’ Queenie

  1. Jan Sanders says:

    Donna you are an amazing writer and an even more amazing daughter and grandaughter – this is such a wonderful piece to read and I am so very proud of you! Love you xx

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