Little Crumbs

Belly Mapping you say?!

I really wanted to avoid going all 'typical mummy blog' and all 'do this and do that' but I really think this was worth sharing as it could prove so beneficial to any expectant mummies that may read this post…

Through the power of Twitter a close friend 're-tweeted' a post from Laura at @bumpsandmore which offered an evening of Belly Mapping for pregnant women 30 weeks +, now approaching 38 weeks I was intrigued….

Myself and a friend went along to find out more about this 'belly mapping' lark.

Having never heard of 'Belly Mapping' I did a quick 'google' search …as you do… described as a tool used to help identify your baby's position I was really excited to find out more. This could potentially be the last time I'm pregnant and I've wanted to really embrace it and experience all there is to offer, that said I'm not really one for ante natal classes where your'e 'preached' at or patronised being told how an incense stick and a whale cd will make labour a walk in the park… thankfully Laura did none of that, she created a relaxed atmosphere…and apple juice… ech of us weeble's introduced ourselves and the evening got underway.

Much of what Laura explained when it comes to 'Optimal Fetal Positioning' made perfect sense. Gravity, Balance and Movement playing a huge part in you helping the baby get into the best possible position ready for labour. Fully explaining and demonstrating several excercises we could do which literally took a couple of minutes, done on a daily basis could really help you and your baby, Laura took the time to make sure we all understood the reasons behind them and what they achieve in terms of baby getting in the optimal position for labour …which lets face it ladies anything that could help you and baby get through labour as easy as possible its worth a blimmin' good go!

I had been experiencing very uncomfortable 'twinges' where little one was pushing against something low and I was feeling really uncomfortable, Laura simply pointed out just the way my posture was, could make all the difference, sure enough i've made a concious effort to correct how I sit and sure enough have felt SO much more comfortable.

….then we got down to the fun part of the evening 'guess where your baby is' after a bit of talking about where we feel different types of movement, Laura described how our babies were positioned and explained what the niggles and flutters we could feel were with the help of her little doll assistant to show us. She drew a map of our babies for us to take home ( little tweedale didn't look so little on a flip chart sheet *eyes watered* 😉 ) armed with our detailed handouts covering all what we'd gone through and images explaining how to do the excercises effectively we came away feeling we'd learnt alot more about how our little ones get ready for labour and why they move how they do over these last weeks….I'd genuinely encourage any expectant mum to get in contact with Laura on Twitter @bumpsandmore or drop her an email to discuss Belly Mapping, as well as her other classes she offers through pregnancy, doula services to baby calming and even toddler calm.

Now if you don't mind im off to do a bit of Rebozo Sifting….