So then …

Having toyed with the idea of a blog for a little while, a year ago I began writing a little something but dismissed it as silly swiftly scrapping the idea, and yet I find myself with that niggling itch in the finger tips blindly negotiating what wordpress has to offer wanting to write a little something. So I started another.

I finished work to go onto maternity leave in 2009 and naively thought id have spare time in abundance to use the opportunity for interests that fell to the wayside when the 9-5, dinner, eastenders and bed routine took a firm hold. As 1 of my many 'New Year' promises to myself, I decided I would absolutely 'make more me time' something i'm sure alot of new mums kid themselves into thinking is perfectly possible, and with another little person's arrival already questioning the feasbility of the task in hand, alas for my own sanity..as well as Mr G's i'll give it a good old go!

This 'blogging' world is quite an intimidating place to come into, opening the laptop getting that feeling of being 'the new girl' in a blimmin big school, questioning what I can bring to the table? Having recently been introduced to some inspiring super stylish blogs through my friend over at http://bretonteacups.wordpress.com/ I wanted in on this blogging lark.

So then in brief..*scraping chair back to stand and nervously introduce myself* I'm Donna, 30+ Zara addict clonking about to and from the school run in my biker boots I'm embracing my new role as 'home maker'.

Let's see where this little corner of the world wide web takes me….exciting times.



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