So then …

So then in brief..*scraping chair back to stand and nervously introduce myself* I'm Donna, 30+ a mother of 2 clonking about the school run in my biker boots and embracing my new role as 'home maker'.

Where my Miu Miu lovingly carried a magazine and the bare essentials, it's now rammed with wipes, changes of clothes for little people and snacks. Alot of snacks.

biscuits = perfect toddler bribery.

… Now there's crumbs in my blimmin' Miu Miu.

Introduced to super stylish brands since having the little dude along with a passion for all things that push design and creativity. A background in fine art, graphics and marketing I'm a total sucker for cool packaging. Kids knitwear is my weakness.

Obsessed with kids style in particular I hope to share here with you ideas, and kiddy sized bits and bobs that you'll enjoy just as much as we do.

Thanks for popping by … now be a love and put the kettle on. Ta.




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