Burpees, Toys on Rollerskates and Good T.V #littleloves


An inspiring, witty interview in Women’s Health with Ellie Golding. Our trainer at bootcamp loves to give us burpees when we feel like we can do no more!.. So this made me giggle.


The Affair, a Ruth Wilson fan…. She’s incredible in Luther. With an incredible cast I thought I’d check it out. A little confused, but it’s so well written I’m curious as to how this will pan out.  Love the gritty drama’s Sky Atlantic are churning out recently. 



Rudimental on Jools Holland. Loving Rudimental these days, in the car, on my running playlist, my housework soundtrack. I’m so down with the kids!! 

Speaking of being down with the kids. Fearne Cotton is the only show on Radio one I still listen to. A huge live lounge fan, I’m sad this week is her last. Love her humour, love her wit, adore her style. Now I’ll no longer be a radio one listener. I guess I’m officially old! Ha! 


A little girl ridiculously happy. A friend and I took Edie to Build A Bear to ‘pimp up’ her My Little Pony. Rainbow Dash got Rollerskates. Edie loved every minute of it. It’s given a much loved toy a new lease of life. We had so much fun!



A pale yellow nail. Willing some sunshine with a Barry M ‘Stop The Clock’ polish. Loving the stiletto shape these days. … Needless to say I’m having to take care with the kiddos eyes! 


Lists, lists and more lists. I’ve been writing lists, things to buy for the kids, for me, for the house, for summer. Things to do over the summer, places to experience, friends to visit. I’ve got piles of lists everywhere these days.

I love lists. 


1 Year Older & iCloud Hell #littleloves


So, not technically read. But about to get stuck into this. Love Caitlin Moran, so excited to read an actual. Physical. Book.

Caitlin Moran - how to build a girl

Also, was featured on Life With Munchers gorgeous blog, in her Bloggers Homes Feature. Was odd seeing my home on a screen! Thank you lovely … And for the opportunity to nose at other bloggers homes!


Beauty and the Beast. Like, a million times. She’s hit 3 and our playroom is starting to look like Disney vommed all over it. I’m trying to embrace the velcro outfits that put my teeth on edge and the singing. She gets totally rolled up in the romanticism, to see her little face, who am I to argue.

Beauty And The Beast


Had a cheeky little  shopping trip with a couple of girlfriends, we went into Cambridge, bought half of Zara … Obviously….and enjoyed a birthday boozy lunch at Jamie’s Italian. We’re so lucky to have such a beautiful city on our doorstep.



Sia. In my Car. On repeat. Love.


Bread, a few times this week. Focaccia is a firm favourite. Fresh bread, there’s nothing like it.


I’ve been putting off sorting out an issue with our iCloud. I’ve no idea how it happened, but 2 days, 2 laptops, 2 iPads and an iphone later. And it’s all straight. It took my patience to a whole other level!

I’ve been hitting the boot camp sessions, and evening runs hard these last couple of weeks. I’ve been trying to eat better, but nothing too strict. My willpower to turn down a biscuit with a latte is non existent. I don’t want to get too hooked up on weight, I’m enjoying feeling leaner, stronger. Fitter as a result of getting out and working hard. Now to keep it up!
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One Coffee A Day & Memories Made #littleloves

It’s been a while since I’ve linked up, but I do love this one and this week I’m all over it!


After a couple of weeks of over indulgence, I’ve thrown myself back into Bootcamp and managed a few short evening runs. Loving it. Over my one (…see and lastly…) morning coffee I’ve been enjoying Womens Health. I had previously assumed it’s full of ‘shouty’ judgemental eat nothing but lettuce and get skinny articles. Recommended to me by my lovely friend. My preconceptions squashed. It isn’t at all shouty. This loyal Red reader is now converted.



The boy get stuck into the first “kids bootcamp” organised by the bootcamp I go to. He loved it. Threw himself into everything. I was so proud of his attitude. I’m hoping this will be a great confidence boost for him.



My much loved ridiculously comfy ripped up jeans. Again. Shocker. They’re ripped like this through genuine over wear. I didn’t intentionally cut them up. Busted knees … A sign of a trusty Jean.



Not usually a big Ed fan. Alas, I find this sneaking it’s way onto my ‘out for a run’ playlist. And I kinda like it a little more each time I hear it.


Fun memories. We headed into London, all four of us. We watched the kids drink in the atmosphere, look around at different people, dance to buskers, shout “Weeeeeeeeee” on the escalators, run around the natural history museum, mouths wide in awe. Enjoyed lunch and headed home. We won’t be leaving it so long until we go again. From our little village, London for these two is such an adventure.





I’m valiantly trying to eat cleaner. Reading my Hemsley & Hemsley book again for motivation. I was doing so well with my fitness, I looked and felt the best I had in a long time. Cue Easter and I feel like 3 weeks off has put me back 2 months working hard. Lesson learnt.

It’s not an easy journey. But it’s my goal. And I’ll get there.



Sharing A Wall

Us bloggers, we do love a good back drop. One of my favourites is and old cottage wall we pass on the school run. Or my dining table.

So when a gorgeous blogging chum shares her favourite wall with you, naturally you bribe your kids with ice cream to get that Instagram worthy shot of you and the kids.

These guys just get on. The girls admire each other’s shoes, the boys bond over climbing frames. They can go a few weeks of not seeing each other and they pick up where they left off. Effortlessly. More days like this over the summer months please!!







Knock,Knock…. “Tingalingalingaling”

How ridiculously adorable is this little fairy door, from The Magic Door Store?!


I first met Sarah, the brainchild behind The Magic Door Store at Bubble London. I was taken in by the style of the door, the colour, the refined details. I knew Edie would really buy into the story behind the door. It’s so whimsical, pushing her imagination and keeping that childhood innocence alive. Her big brother is pretty intrigued too! We’ve signed our fairy contract and the fairy dust is ready to go…



…. Soon the Easter bunny will be using the door to leave some treats….

The quality, attention to detail and depth of the colour is so rich. It fastens to the wall easily using paint friendly adhesive strips. Now at home in the playroom its become quite the talking point with the kids playmates.


I Can.Not.Wait to have fun with it, if you follow my IG you’ll know I love a bit of Dinovember, so to mark different events I’ll use the magic door as a focus point. Holidays. Seasons. Birthdays…. and just because.

Every now and again I’ll find these two crouching down, whispering together listening out for elves and fairies on the other side. A couple of days ago, Edie gasped “I heard tingalinginging!”…… Seriously. I just can’t even!!!

Head on over to The Magic Door Store to see the whole range, get ideas of how to dress yours, and pick a colour to suit your home for the elves and fairies, or they would make a fantastic gift, … The kids childhood memories will thank you for it.


A huge thankyou to Sarah for our beautiful door.


… I’m Still Here

It’s been a while, but I’m still here tapping away in the background, working on where this corner of the web takes me.

Since Autumn I’ve been contributing to the blog over at Babiekins magazine. A big fan of the magazine before this opportunity, I’m loving working alongside such awesome creative Mumma’s…so inspiring.

Be sure to follow Babiekins Instagram to keep up with what’s going on, each contributor is so talented, crafts, photography, style, travel, it’s all there. And some.

Thank you, you lovely lot!


Love The Little Things Week // 40


This week I’ve had my brain fried with a phonics lesson. The boy has started reception this year and parents were invited to hear about how and why the children are taught phonics in the methods the school use.

It was very interesting but wow. My head was spinning afterwards reading through our handouts with Trigraph, Segmenting, Grapheme -ness.


While the little one was at pre school Thursday morning, doing some blog planning with a coffee to my right, I watched This Is 40 … In the middle of the day. A whole film. Get me!. It was hilarious! One of my favourites. I’ve a total girl crush on Leslie Mann, so,SO funny!


“Big clunky stompy boots” according to the top knotted tinker.



The soundtrack to the eagerly awaited new Hunger Games film. LOVE this Trilogy. Love Lorde.


Some business cards on Moo.com , get me!


I’ve now officially declared it Autumn. I’ve had the wood burner swept and it’s now raging good guns. Bring on winter…


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