Knitwear of Deliciousness

Beef Bourguignon and mash potato served up to the brood… And it’s 20 degrees with the bi folds wide open.  Promptly dismissing the confused glance from the husband I declared, it’s September. It’s autumn.

I was excited by some leaves on the ground, a few chilly days I’d got the coat out… And then summer decides to get just one last word in and it’s thrown me.

so I’m ignoring it and carrying on with autumn irrelevant.

I’ve been out into Cambridge getting a feel of what’s around this year I want to layer up and it’s knitwear I need to invest my pennies. I’ve scoured the internet and pottered around the shops to get a feel of what’s taking my fancy.

I’ve compiled my favourite finds in a Pinterest board and split them into price points to give you some shopping direction, read the comments for some inspiration on how to wear yours….




£100 +

…. Here for knitwear deliciousness ….



Challenge 10

There was a time when doing the school cross country meant a slow meander around the course catching up on who’s snogging who. When the Sweaty Betty catalogue would have me checking it was addressed correctly and emails from the local Gym of which I joined a decade ago having me chuckling to myself.

….. and now?, 6 months into my ‘get fitter’ journey, I’m a stone lighter, have made closer friendships and I look forward to getting my kicks on and getting out to do something just for myself a few evenings a week, having that headspace of a run or smashing a bootcamp session has left me feeling less, well, ‘meh’

When I started it was to feel stronger, fitter, to lose weight, of course, but not in a thigh gap obsessive kinda way, but to feel happier about myself, less self conscious. A few months ago a run just shy of 3 miles it would take me almost 40 minutes, I’d stop and walk some of it. Which is fine. I was doing something. I can now do the same run in 20 minutes without stopping, but at the end my legs are like jelly and I hit the wall of wanting to stop.

And so, when I read about My Two Mums Challenge 10 starting 1st September I wanted in. 10 Bloggers, 10 miles, and 10 Months to achieve it. A brilliant idea!

This will be a personal challenge to me, to achieve that run in a good time, without stopping. I really want to do it. For myself.

Ill be posting about my progress and our journey as a team on here we’re also on Twitter follow myself and the other bloggers taking part #TeamChallenge10

Tweet us running tips, good sound tracks to motivate you on a run, show us your support… Why not join us? Want to challenge yourself, get in touch!

….. In the mean time I’ll be turning page corners on the latest Sweaty Betty offerings









Love The Little Things

There are some very talented bloggers out there in Twitterland and beyond, one of which is But Why Mummy Why, enjoying her linky’s of Love The Little Things, and so 35 weeks into it, I’ve pulled my finger out to get involved… Be lovely if you did too….


With the children still not back at school I’ve had 3 magazines this last month that remain in their untouched state. I’ve had time though to flick through the latest offerings in Hush’s Autumn Catalogue. Oh. My. Things of deliciousness!








A late night of ironing fun…rock and roll that I am…. I came across Sky’s Lifetime channel’s Dance Mom’s. Oh my word. I’m hooked.



I’m getting involved in the Challenge 10 organised by My Two Mums. And as such I’ve been to bootcamp to get my fitness up after a summer of BBQ’s and G&T’s. I dusted off my trainers and went for a gentle run round the village.



The top knotted tinker sing “Wind The Bobbin Up” repeatedly the 2hr drive to Southwold at the weekend. With an occasional interlude of “Let It Go” and the odd snack demand.



A total mess of our living room, in an attempt to clean our rug. The kids thought it was a snow machine. It didn’t go well.



I’m driving everyone within ear shot mad with my haircut indecisiveness. I’m boring myself with the to crop again or not to crop debate…. And so I’m turning to Pinterest for support and browse of haircuts.

Pop over to But Why Mummy Why to read other Love The Little Things links #littlelove



A Little Sportswear A lot Of The Time








I’m no gym bunny. There was a time when a PE kit would bring me out in hives, A Sweaty Betty catalogue through the door made me double check it was addressed correctly ..

Yet now, in my 30’s. I’ve bitten the bullet and for the last 6 months I’ve been going to a bootcamp twice a week, doing the odd few mile run on a weekend morning, enjoying feeling stronger. Consequently I’ve been taking a bit more notice of sportswear. A trend which has been around a while, Causing a stir on the catwalks, I’m inspired and elements are slowly creeping into my everyday wardrobe.

A trend to tread carefully, though I’d suggest to think more sport luxe, simple lines with pops of colour mixed with neutrals as opposed to Vicky Pollard Kappa suits….

Accessorise subtly, it should be about having fun but being relaxed, keep it to a short statement necklace, or layer up delicate jewellry …. unless your Rihanna channelling MC Hammer will be a tough one to pull off.

Neon too much? Nike and New Balance are leading the way they both have some stunning rich colours for Autumn winter, expect to pay between £40 and £80 for most classic styles. For limited edition prints, such as the range with Liberty they’ll get snapped up super fast and priced in the region of £140.

I’ve taken to Pinterest to share some sportswear trend deliciousness…..

Pinterest Board


Trainers are from the TRF range in Zara, £39.99 real suede and ridiculously comfy, some bright colour in there admittedly but in the flesh they’re well balanced, I love the streak of mustard with the turquoise.

…. And now I’m on the eBay trawl for a vintage Nike or Adidas vest to add to the mix… may the bidding fairies be on my side!

Sportswear isn’t just a thing for the Lycra clad keen mums on the school run this September, get inspired by the sportswear trend, grab yourself some cool new kicks and show them how it’s done!

Tag me on Instagram @CRAYON_MIUMIU I’d love to see if and how you’re rocking a bit of sportswear in your daily get up….


I’m All About

This week I'm all about Lollibop I am ridiculously excited to take the kids. They have no idea where they're going and what they'll see.


Fingers crossed the weather will hold up and they enjoy it as much as I hope they will.


I've been getting a bag together, as Lollibop first timers I'm covering all bases.


Canvas Tote – Alphabet Bags

Sun cream

Wipes … Always need wipes

Ear Defenders…. Not sure if will need them, but the boy especially is quite sensitive to loud noise, so taking to be on the safe side

The top knotted tinkers hairbrush …. My Little Pony… As is everything these days!

Some queuing bribery and snacks in the form of cookies and Pez

A crown hairband …. It's a crown. It's all kinds of awesome


Tickets. Must.Not.Forget.Tickets


The boys outfit of choice ….

Straw Trilby – Asos
T Shirt – Mine from when I was 5
Thin cotton trousers – Zara
Hi Tops – H&M
Hoodie – Zara
…. Back up change of clothes
Hello Apparel Vest – Southwood Stores
Shorts – H&M
And for the girl….
Straw Cat Ear Hat – H&M
'I'm On The Guest List' T Shirt – Imps & Elfs
Skinny Jeans – H&M
Ju Ju Jellies – Office Kids
Puppy Print Jumper – H&M
….. Back up change of clothes
Hello Apparel Vest – Southwood Stores
Shorts – Zara Kids
Melon Print Harem Trousers – Zara Kids
If it's warm enough they'll both be rocking their Hello vests for sure, I love them, take a peek at Southwood Stores, the only UK Stockist of Hello Apparel.
So, here's to having a fab time at Lollibop, If you see me there, please stop me & say hi & have a fantastic time!











He’s All About

This week the boy is all about getting ready to go to big boy school.


Yesterday we braved the 'School Shoe Shopping Trip' …. And actually was pleasantly suprised it was easier than I expected. It's been a while since the boys feet were measured. Over the summer he's been throwing on his high tops and flip flops. And so, we pottered into Clarkes to get him fitted properly. Afterall these are shoes he'll wear 5 days a week 6 hrs a day so it's important. *yawns*

I know the school has a uniform code, I respect that. But oh.wow. I was so uninspired by the selection of mundane black.


Now don't get me wrong I'm a big monochrome fan, I like simple. But these are just very very Dull. Sensible. Clonky. Uninspiring. But in their defence I suppose they've done the best they can with what the shoes need to be.

Totally sucked in hook line and sinker by the iPad measuring your feet with funny little characters. The big sales pitch, masks, books thrust in his face with jazz hands and wide grins …. it was evident early the ball was in his court with this one.


The boy was thrilled with the dinosaur reference on the sole of his chosen shoes. And so within 20 minutes or so, some obligatory stomping up and down the shop we were done.


Stomp Roar – Clarks – £35


I suppose with school shoes I need to suck it up and let him choose what he wants. If it makes getting ready in the mornings easier I'm all for it. However had, I have been in uber pushy mum mode, I'd have got him into a pair of any of these alternative beauts for my own 'these look way cooler' benefit.


Dr. Martens – Alex And Alexa – £46.00



Chelsea Boots – H&M – £14.99, also Check out Zara's Chelsea boots at £39.99 they're leather and lovely!


Lace Shoes – Next – £24-31



Chuka Boots – Next – £28-£35


Bulchers – Zara Kids – £35.99


And for the weekend, when those little feet want to break free and rebel, here are some of my favourite kicks….


Feiyue Trainers SS14 – Scandinavian Minimall – £60.00


Star Wars Stormtrooper Vans – Alex And Alexa – £29.00


Tiger Trainers – H&M – £9.99


Ash Frog High Tops – Ash Footwear – £95 (available in other colour ways)


Dinosaur inspired High Tops – H&M – £17.99


If you're embarking on the school shoes shopping trip, good luck you lovely lot!



She’s All About

This week this cheeky top knotted tinker of ours is all about a new woolly hat.


These last few weeks I've been holding out on buying any more stuff for summer. … Ok. Aside from that H&M pre holiday last minute haul I Instagrammed the s**t out of *coughs*


The reason being, mid August is when the majority of the new season starts to creep in stealth like online. Gradually pushing the sale stock to tease you into buying a huge coat or wooly hat in 30 degree heat.


It seems ridiculous to be thinking that far ahead, trying on knitwear in the height of summer but it is the time to seriously consider the big winter purchases, such as coats and a few staples.




Because my friends it's when all the reallllllly good stuff is up for grabs.


You think you'll be able to get that Bobo Choses Hat everyone's champing at the bit for on IG mid October?


You'll be lucky!


The hotly anticipated new AW14 range inspired by 'a day out in LA is launching in UK Stockists at the stroke of midnight 11th August. And you can bet your Louboutin's it will all be out of stock quick smart.


Don't miss out, Keep your stylish eyes peeled on Cissy Wears, Milly Mog, Sister's Guild, Scandinavian Minimall and Archies Boutique for the best picks of the range. Or use the store locator on the Bobo Choses website to find a stockist near you.


I've also been scouring the high street for a few staple bits and bobs I'll be snapping up for the top knotted tinker. She'll be mixing up her prints, punches of colour, textures of dainty skirts teamed with oversize chunky knits and layering up to keep her toasty and comfortable this AW.


Trust good ol' reliable go to Zara to come up with the goods.


The girls range is incredible, the boys however, a little uninspiring I'm sorry to say. I'm on the trawl at the moment for the dude.


And so, a few finds that are tickling my fancy for little lady…


Coat – Zara – £29.99
This shape is just adorable, the print is a great alternative to the higher end price tags with the same impact. For the amount of wear a coat like this will get from a toddler, as beautiful as they may be an £80+ price tag I just can't justify it.
Jumpsuit – Zara – £25.99
Team up with a long sleeved top underneath, a chunky snood, boots and ribbed tights. Or cute pumps and a leopard print headscarf.
Skirt – Zara – £15.99
Wear with thick tights, oversize knit and Dr. Martens to dress it down and mix up the textures. Beautiful.
Get wear from your little ladies party dresses and skirts in the same way.
….. This oversize knit in volcano red from Mango kids at £16.99 would work perfectly.
Just like Mummy's! Pumps – Zara – £29.99
Dress – Rasberry Plum available at Archies Boutique in other colour ways – from £30.00. Edie HAS to have it!.
Boots – Dr. Marten – available from Office £49.99. Pricey, yes. Versatile. Absolutely.
Floral Boots – Zara – £29.99
All of the above would work well with t shirts, cardies, jeans and leggings she already has.
Have a good ruthless clear out, I do it a few times a year before buying for the new season to make sure I'm making the most of what still fits and not duplicating. Filling in any spaces. You could find this post useful.
Find me on Twitter and Instagram, I'd love to see what you're liking the look of for AW14.