So then …

I finished work to go onto maternity leave in 2009 and naively thought id have spare time in abundance to use the opportunity for interests that fell to the wayside. As 1 of my many ‘New Year’ promises to myself, I decided I would absolutely ‘make more me time’. A close friend a few years ago suggested to me getting my teeth into something other than cake and gave me the confidence shove to write, it’s taken me a while…And so for my own well as Mr G’s i’ll give it a good old go!

My love of Knitwear, specifically a trusty Cardie is well documented…And what have Crumbs got to do with anything, well Biccies are my vice and it’s becoming my ‘can’t swear in front of the kids saying’, and I do this ‘….’ a lot its a habit I can’t break I leave blimmin crumbs all over the place!

So then in brief..*scraping chair back to stand and nervously introduce myself ….. *ahem* “I’m Donna, a Cardigan ‘o Holic with a sweet tooth clonking through motherhood in my biker boots, a scarf tied round my head enjoying my thirties.

Sharing experiences, opinions and rambles with non ‘mumsy’ fashion I love and cool kids style I adore”.

I hope you enjoy.

7 thoughts on “So then …

  1. *Waves* welcome to world of blogging, it’s lots of fun and not as scary as it seems, I have met some amazing people through all this, I’m sure you will too! X x

  2. MARIE says:

    Looking forward to more posts! I too am a cardie-loving, mommy with an insatiable appretite for all things sweet :). I saw a hash tag you had on Instagram (#dairyfreebaby). I’m so curious to know more about your dairy-free choices for your little ones!

    • HI! *waves frantically and passes round a plate of garibaldi ‘s* ;) how lovely of you, thank you for reading, I’ll do a post very soon on the ole’ dairy debacle and how we’ve moved forward, thanks again xx

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