Cocktail’s, Pepper Deliciousness and Selfie Hilarity

Last Saturday I had a kid free couple of days. Quite a rarity. The Mr fed the brood in Mcdonalds and I went off to Blog camp, had a great time, with great friends learnt a lot, sloshed around full of coffee and wrote several to do lists.

After such a productive day, we ventured to the mailbox for a little girls night. A couple of cocktails… As chosen by the delightful Gavin…..Selfie hilarity, pepper yumminess, And THE best pasta I’ve had for a long time.

We eat out often with the kids, but this was quite an experience to eat. A whole meal. Enjoy a whole conversation, no rushing, no food on my sleeve from having to lean over and cut everything up ….Hayley could just about manage. Ha!

The Zizzi at The Mailbox in Birmingham has a fantastic view across the canal, A great atmosphere. We were made very welcome, the new Autumn Menu came highly recommended we were not disappointed.





We ordered a few dishes and shared them, the Classic Caprina Pizza, the Classic Pulled Pork Rosmarino Pizza, the Warm Duck & Pomegranate Salad and the Wild Boar Ragu Pappardelle…stunning. All very beautiful in colour, light imaginative flavours. Not ordinarily a squash fan, the roasted squash through a few of the dishes was a different texture and worked really well.





Washed down with a delicious winter berry burst non alcoholic cocktail (desie driver) ….. I could still get into the girls night spirit…with no actual spirit.

We ended the night with a sorbet or 2, the popping pomegranate was brilliant fun! With shot of prosecco in the cutest little urn, some popping candy to sprinkle on he top it was delicious…and good fun at the table.

So, in the run up to Christmas, drop the girls a group facebook message, make some time to get together, get down to Zizzi’s and enjoy some time together. Just the girls. Giggle, enjoy good food, a pretty cocktail and each other’s company. Not rushed over a coffee in a soft play gauntlet. Some real quality girl time.





We were gifted our meal for the purpose of a review, but all opinions, giggles and 2nd helpings and experiences were my own.

Thank you to Zizzi’s at The Mailbox to Gavin, and all the staff that made our night so enjoyable.


Love The Little Things Week // 40


This week I’ve had my brain fried with a phonics lesson. The boy has started reception this year and parents were invited to hear about how and why the children are taught phonics in the methods the school use.

It was very interesting but wow. My head was spinning afterwards reading through our handouts with Trigraph, Segmenting, Grapheme -ness.


While the little one was at pre school Thursday morning, doing some blog planning with a coffee to my right, I watched This Is 40 … In the middle of the day. A whole film. Get me!. It was hilarious! One of my favourites. I’ve a total girl crush on Leslie Mann, so,SO funny!


“Big clunky stompy boots” according to the top knotted tinker.



The soundtrack to the eagerly awaited new Hunger Games film. LOVE this Trilogy. Love Lorde.


Some business cards on Moo.com , get me!


I’ve now officially declared it Autumn. I’ve had the wood burner swept and it’s now raging good guns. Bring on winter…


Join in with this linky from the ever lovely But Why Mummy Why



Living Arrows

It’s been a ridiculously long time since I joined in with Living Arrows through the ever fabulous I Heart Snapping Blog.

2 Linky’s in 1 weekend…you lucky bunch!

Anyhoo, here’s a snap I took when back from the school run and realised how the little dude had been playing before I whisked him out the door.


The apocolypse


I’m enjoying watching how much the boy has grown so far with his confidence, writing and conversation in the short time he’s been at school. The quiet house when the tinker is at pre school takes a little getting used to, but having the time to invest into blogging is appreciated and is bringing exciting times for me in the blog front.


Love The Little Things // 39

A bit slow off the mark the last couple of weeks to join in, so am jumping in this week with my little loves through But Why Mummy Why ‘s fab blog.




I’ve been re-reading some of my favourite issues of these magazines. Although already read from cover to cover, I still like to go through them from time to time and drink them in all over again. The styling is second to none.


Babiekins Magazines


Getting totally absorbed in the Saturday night trash tv. Tumble, Strictly and X Factor. I’m a total sucker for the lot.



Earlier this week I got my haircut to a crop after a gruelling year or so of growing it, to then not liking it longer at all. Boring everyone within earshot of do I, don’t I. I did and have no regrets.

Hair cropped.jpg




Trawling through my iTunes compiling a playlist, to run to as I continue with my Team Challenge 10 journey. I came across some Death In Vegas albums I’d forgotten I’d had. As a result Dirge is on repeat. A lot.




Beef Bourginion, with mustard mash potato and a fruit crumble. Gordon Ramsey’s recipe kicks ass!

Screw this 25 degree nonsense. I’m in full autumn mode.



If I see anymore friends Facebook status updates about Christmas Shopping, it’s likely to tip me over the edge! Enough of the ‘I’m super organised’ bragging please.

If you’re not frantically elbowing old dears to get to the stocking fillers area in john lewis the day before Christmas Eve, it’s just not Christmas for me.


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Dragging Myself ‘into the zone’

After yesterday’s running debacle I was adamant I.Was.Running.

I dragged my lovely friend along who encouraged me Rocky style from the comfort of her bike, kitted out in full ‘keen mum’ mode in my running gear I dropped off the little people and headed straight off.

I can’t lie, it wasn’t easy, it’s been a couple of weeks since I went for a run and I’m finding unless I go a couple of times a week it’s really tough for me to get going again.

I go to bootcamp at least once a week, and although I feel fit through doing circuits there, running I’m finding is a totally different ball game.

I need to build my stamina, endurance. Im making a plan.




Team Challenge 10

School run complete in pouring rain and with farewell tears from the top knotted tinker, left me walking home with that stomach churning feeling. Despite a lovely call from the pre school to reassure me she is  having a great time, it wasn’t the start of the day I’d hoped for.

So many things I have to do and lists to write, I thought I’ll take some time out and run it off. Some headspace.

I get home, changed, psyched up. Log into Map my Run, get Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 iplayer and set off to do the 3.8km route in a good time, my plan to work on a rhythm, settle my breathing and pace. Not start to fast, in preparation to build up the distance at the weekend.

A gentle jog into it, my phone is too big for the zip pocket in the back of my trousers, so I have to hold it, which makes me nervous, my ear phones keep falling out, I lose signal so I have no music and map my run has no idea where or what I’m doing.

I get frustrated. I try to push on irrelevant but I just can’t find my rhythm. I can not get into it. At.all. I’m so out of the zone it’s ridiculous.

And so, I huff. Turn on my heels and walk home feeling deflated.

Should I have carried on and tried to snap out of it? Probably.

Am I determined to do it tomorrow irrelevant of technical hiccups. Abso.bloody.lutely!

Team Challenge 10

Has this ever happened to you? Can you snap yourself out of it, or do you just put it down to some days your body and mind are just not up for a run?



Knitwear of Deliciousness

Beef Bourguignon and mash potato served up to the brood… And it’s 20 degrees with the bi folds wide open.  Promptly dismissing the confused glance from the husband I declared, it’s September. It’s autumn.

I was excited by some leaves on the ground, a few chilly days I’d got the coat out… And then summer decides to get just one last word in and it’s thrown me.

so I’m ignoring it and carrying on with autumn irrelevant.

I’ve been out into Cambridge getting a feel of what’s around this year I want to layer up and it’s knitwear I need to invest my pennies. I’ve scoured the internet and pottered around the shops to get a feel of what’s taking my fancy.

I’ve compiled my favourite finds in a Pinterest board and split them into price points to give you some shopping direction, read the comments for some inspiration on how to wear yours….




£100 +

…. Here for knitwear deliciousness ….